Thursday, November 22, 2012


The Clone Betrayal from Graphic Audio
Graphic Audio continues to amaze me.

First, allow me to say that even if had I not had a thing for Ava Gardner when I created the character, I would have been head-over-heels in love with her by the time I finished listening to the Graphic Audio version of The Clone Betrayal.

The actor they hired to play Ava has a voice that puts the goddess back in sex goddess.  I have been through the book several times now.

The actors at Graphic Audio have nailed many characters in the past.  Ken Jackson, the actor/director who plays Harris, has changed the way I hear these books in my head.  Elliot Dash, who plays Ray Freeman, owns the role.  If you listen to The Clone Alliance and The Clone Elite, you will hear Mark Phillips portrayed exactly as I envisioned him.

Sample of The Clone Betrayal

Graphic Audio continues its winning streak with Betrayal.  The actors playing Thomer and Warshaw Doctorow, and Fahey are all amazing.  The man playing Thomer captures the lack of confidence brought on by his Falzoud addiction.  The guys playing Doctorow and Warshaw are masters of arrogance.  I don't think I hated Warshaw all that much when I wrote the book, but I most surely hated him by the time I finished listening to him in the book.

Think about that!  This actor elicited emotions out of me that may not have been there during the writing!

And then there is they guy who plays Perry Fahey!  This guy has it all, the calculating voice, the slightly feminine demeanor, the antagonism, the arrogance, the fear. He is so snide that you hate him.  I hated Fahey more after listening to the book than I did after writing it, and I have ALWAYS hated Perry Fahey.

Some day maybe we can discuss how Fahey got his name.

Even after all of that talent that I have mentioned, it is Colleen Delany, playing Ava, who steals the show.  (The only reason I know she played Ava is that there are only two female actors in the cast.)

And there is more to come.

Graphic Audio has posted an audio sample of The Clone Empire.  The book comes out next month.

Graphic Audio has published one audio version of a Harris book every month now since July... and these books keep getting better with each new release.

I have not heard The Clone Empire yet.  I don't have any say in these projects, and frankly I like it that way.  I am that pleased with everything that Graphic Audio has done.

At the rate of one per month, we'll be hearing Redemption in January and Sedition in February.

Frankly, I can't wait to hear what they do with Sunny and Franklin.


naens said...

thats awesome! i've managed to keep ye olden harris voice in my head though... mabye because i only listen to the samples. at this rate we'll be seeing a movie/video game in a few years. i'd love to see an assasins creed style game for the clone republic.

Steven L. Kent said...

I created a rudimentary design doc for a series of Harris games early on. Back then no one was biting. Maybe things will change.

naens said...

lets hope so. by the way happy thanksgiving.

Steven L. Kent said...

Thanks, Naens. Happy Thanksgiving and warm to you and your family as well.

Joshua Tamasovich said...

I am currently reading The Clone Betrayal and plan on finishing the series before I give the audio books a chance. I listened to the BBC broadcast of Hitchhikers Guide on tape when I was younger and really enjoyed that.
Right now, I have a pretty good image of Harris and don't want to be thrown off by the audio.

Steven L. Kent said...

The Hitchhiker broadcasts were amazing, weren't they. Some of the best humor I have ever heard.

Joshua Tamasovich said...

Douglas Adams really had something there. The BBC broadcasts were really well done. The voices and sound effects made the story come together. I should probably buy an MP3 player and load it up with some audio books.

Steven L. Kent said...

Joshua, as an audiobook junkie, allow me to make some suggestions (besides the predetermined self-promotional pitch that you buy the Clone books).

In traditional audio books, I recommend starting with:

The Green Mile (read by Frank Muller)
The Anansi Boys (by Neil Gaiman)
Snow Crash (By Neal Stevenson)
Blood Meridian (Cormack McCarthey)
A Clockwork Orange (Anthony Burgess)

JenMo said...

So guess what I got in the mail today? A Christmas tree ornament from Graphic Audio. It was totally unexpected which makes it such an awesome gesture.

Steven L. Kent said...

I have not received such an ornament... maybe that makes it even more awesome!

naens said...

was it a combat helmet? :P

Joshua Tamasovich said...

I just finished The Clone Empire last night and kept going into Clone Redemption. I do not have a tv in my stateroom which is kind of a good thing; its either watching AFN or a bunch of movies…rather read.

The clone assassin’s were crazy with the emotional problems and desperation to kill. I am surprised that no noticed the guy in the hanger for 16 hours, that guy was just plain weird. I guess if you look busy, you must be busy.

It is kind of nice to see what happened to ol' President Doctorow. I guess when your delusion gets heated to 9000 degrees for 83 seconds, suck-starting the business end of a M27 maybe the only way to go.

Here are a few I did not see that coming’s: Doctorow becoming such an ass, how the "clone assassin" thing resolved, Sweetwater and Breeze, and it is good to see the Shin Nippon fleet up and about.

I started into Redemption last night and made it CH-6 so far and it looks like it is going to be another badass book. I am a big Harris fan and when he’s working with Freeman, awesome! Other then those two, the Shin Nippon characters have to be my favorite. It also looks like the Earths technology is starting to improve with the help of Sweetwater and Breeze.

Steven L. Kent said...

I hope you enjoy Redemption as well. Thank you for reading Joshua. I mean that sincerely. I am very lucky to have the readers I have.

Joshua Tamasovich said...

Mr. write some pretty entertaining books and I definitely got my money's worth.

Joshua Tamasovich said...

So this is how the Avatari started! Check out this news story I dug up on Wired:

It’s (Almost) Alive! Scientists Create a Near-Living Crystal

"The particles aren’t truly alive — but they’re not far off, either. Exposed to light and fed by chemicals, they form crystals that move, break apart and form again." (By Brandon Keim 01.31.13)

Steven L. Kent said...
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Steven L. Kent said...

Here is the link the story that Joshua found:

I did not know about this when I wrote Elite, but I wish that I did. It would have made me look so up on science.

Nice find, Joshua!

ManicFOLLOWUP said...

I love this series! I was astonished to find out that Wayson has a personality on the later books.
That said, any chance Clone Assassin would become an additional audio book?

P.S I'd really wanna see Franklin gets what he deserve.

Steven L. Kent said...

I have signed the contract and been paid. I suspect the audio version should come out early next year.

Steven L. Kent said...

No personality?