Monday, January 07, 2013


Last night the Seattle Seahawks played the Washington Redskins in the wildcard playoffs.  I really wanted the Seahawks to win because I live in Seattle and they are our team.

Watching the game, you could not help but notice that there was a lot of bad blood between the Seahawks and Redskins, but for me, the Redskins are a team I wish all the best.

Here is the reason why--Robert Griffin III, an honest, clean-living, hard-working athlete and human being.  I think Robert Griffin III is that rarest of athletes--a role model. He would also be a role model if he owned a hotel chain, ran a bank, or drove a taxi cab.

He played until his already injured leg gave out last night, and then he walked off the field with a lot of dignity.  I hope he heals quickly and that he has an even better season next year.


Joshua Tamasovich said...

I did not get to watch the game but I will try and catch the highlights later today. From what I was reading in the news, it sounds like the torn ACL might be an old injury from college and maybe lay him up for a little bit.

Having a role model in sports now and days is becoming a rarity, from bringing guns into the locker-room to other questionable activities. I would imagine that all of the hard work to get in the major leagues, there would be more emphasis on walking the “straight and narrow”.

I had a lot fun in Seattle when I was there.

JenMo said...

RG3 is an impressive young man. As a Cowboys fan, I fear he is going to break my heart for years to come.

I'm glad to see Seattle doing so well. The fan base there deserves a winner. It's a young and exciting team. These playoffs should be great in the coming weeks.