Sunday, April 30, 2017

In 1998, I began writing weekly columns for the Japan Times.  In 2004, I discontinued that discontinued that column to concentrate on novel writing.

Link to my articles in the Japan Times

I began my freelance career writing for the Seattle Times.  Here is a link to a couple of articles in the Seattle Times archives.

Link to "Goodbye Pajama Sam"

I published several articles with GameSpy over the years.  My two favorites were a history of the Electronic Entertainment Expo and some April Fools fiction.

In 1994, the Los Angeles Times Syndicate offered me a column.  My stories popped up in all kinds of publications.

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Because of my success as a print journalist, I was asked to appear on NBC Nightly News, CBS Morning Show, MSNBC, G4-Icons and several documentaries.  If my TV appearances did nothing else, they certainly proved that I was more charismatic on paper.

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